Your SQL spreadsheet app

You can write SQL to query and visualize gigabytes of CSV files on your local machine. is a desktop application that works offline an protects your data privacy.
Used by thousands of data scientists, engineers, business analysts, consultants, and healthcare professionals!

Do what you want in seconds

1 1-click installation
It takes seconds to download and install with a single click.
2 Add CSV files
Add or drag-and-drop CSV files. It adds gigabytes of data within seconds.
3 Write SQLs
Filter, transform, and sort CSVs. Build beautiful reports and charts.

Why use

Excellent for working with CSVs
Easy installation Easy to use Supports large files
Installed with a single click, the UI-based app is purposefully built for your productivity. You can build your reports within seconds. In addition, it supports large CSV files e.g. importing 1GB file in 10 seconds.
Spreadsheet apps
Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets
Easy installation Easy to use Supports large files
Spreadsheets like Excel and Google Sheets are clunky with SQL and don't support CSVs larger than 1 million rows.
Database tools
DBeaver and MySQL Workbench
Easy installation Easy to use Supports large files
This alternative requires a database setup and often offers a myriad of unnecessary functionalities (e.g. configuring database) that get in the way for users who work with CSVs.
Command-line tools
csvkit and q
Easy installation Easy to use Supports large files
This alternative often requires Python setup. Managing multiple CSVs and SQLs in a terminal is clunky. While the tools don't impose a file size restriction, they are not performant when handling large files.
SQLite and DuckDB
Easy installation Easy to use Supports large files
Managing multiple CSVs and SQLs directly in a database's terminal is extremely clunky, even more clunky than using a command-line tool.


Built for your productivity. Excellent at handling large amount of data.
Manage many SQLs

Make a draft, rename, delete, move tabs around, and re-run.

Save your workspace

Load it back later, send it to your colleague. Never lose your work.

Export CSVs

Once you finish, you can export your results to CSVs.

Build charts

Visualie your results in line charts, bar charts, stacked bar charts, and pie charts.

Copy columns

Click on columns and press Ctrl+C to copy. Copy millions of cells or as much as your memory allows.

Run a part of SQL

Highlight a part of SQL and see its result when you aren't sure what the SQL entails.

Sort columns

Click on multiple columns to sort ASC or DESC. Only one click away for your convenience.

Auto-detect CSVs

Just import CSV. The names and types are automatically handled for you.

What other people said

Thai dev @tanin just launched an app on Product hunt Super useful for people that have to deal with CSVs


Neat tool: write SQL that runs over CSV files and results in a CSV output. Like OpenRefine, but more modern with standard SQL. Yes, SQLite can probably do this fairly easily, but I'm a sucker for single-purpose tools that make a particular workflow clean.

I don't work with data analysis anymore, but jfc the potential for this thing is awesome. Well done, mate!

Write SQL on a CSV file. Never would have thought CSVs would be so versitle.

I use (made by @tanin) basically let's you run SQL on raw CSVs

Get started

Query CSVs and write SQLs today. No credit card required.

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